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According to the Chamber of Accounts, in early 2014, there were about 15,000 authorized landfills, 17,000 unauthorized dumps and 13,000 unsanctioned garbage sites. However, in 2015 the Ministry of Natural Resources stated that according to their estimates, the actual number of illegal dumps in Russia is about 110 thousand.

Waste disposal sites already occupy an area of 4 million hectares and an additional 400 thousand hectares of land are allocated for such uses each year. Annually up to 70 million tons of solid domestic waste are generated in the country, of which no more than 10% is processed or incinerated, the bulk is buried in landfills. Mostly in illegal ones or just dumped somewhere. 



MDT has currently several projects under development to process MSW from landfills and unauthorized dumps into renewable fuels and energy. Details coming soon.