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MDT decided to focus its growth on the creation of new technologies that contribute to Sustainable Development by: 

• Generating Energy from renewable resources.

• Recycling Communal & Industrial Wastes.

• Developing New Technologies that create new investments and jobs.

• Establishing New Horizons for development and innovation. 


MDT has a  team of over 20  professionals specialized in alternative energy and biofuels and can draw on several decades of relevant advisory and management experience in international power, both renewables as well as conventional. Combined team expertise exceeds 1 GW of power plants developed, financed and built. 

MDT focuses on dynamic, growing alternative energy markets with a commercial sales approach that has not always to rely on subsidies. MDT has currently access to project opportunities for development with over 500 MW of capacity, as well as for 120000 tons/a of biofuel production. 



With the sun, we produce thermoelectric                                                                 

and photovoltaic electric energy.                          





With biomass, we produce ecologic

fuels and animal feed.





With wastes, we produce new                                                                                    

materials by  recycling and energy. 





With engineering, we construct and

operate renewable energy power plants.